Amplifying the power in HER voice because today’s woman is #BeyondCapable

Amplifying the power in HER voice because today’s woman is #BeyondCapable

Getting Healthy for the New Year

And shedding that 180+ pounds…

This isn’t a call to go to the gym or to change your diet.  It’s the universe giving you the sign you’ve been looking for:  to dump your boyfriend.   You can and you should. So do it!  This year has been unlike any other and it seems like gals are cleaning out their closets, both literally and metaphorically.  Think about it, how many couples do you know that no longer exist as a we?

Coronavirus has given people the opportunity to reassess their values and priorities.   This forced pause has allowed many to sit and think. Maybe sometimes a little too much, but regardless, the realization is upon them all; their partner’s values don’t align with their own.  This is the love lockdown, brought on by social distancing and involuntary reflection time. 

Think about it: if it’s going to happen eventually, why not now?   You might be hesitant. After all, you love this person. You don’t want to be alone.  You don’t know how to spend your time otherwise. The list can go on.  The excuses don’t matter though. Consider this: if not now, when? 

Think about it, now is the time to be on your own.  Most of us are.  Those who aren’t are FaceTiming randoms (not exactly companionship).  Why not learn how to be on your own while the rest of the world is too.  Eventually, when the world opens back up, you’ll be ready to get back out there.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  You’re not going to die alone (Unless you do breakup and then aliens attack and kill us all, but that’s very unlikely).

If you’re still unsure, but you are well aware of the fact that you aren’t happy right now, consider where you want to be this time next year. Picture a more normal world where you aren’t restricted by lockdowns and impending illness. Where are you? Is the person you are with along for the ride? Does a perfect world really resolve all the problems the two of you are currently facing?  Do you really want a relationship that needs a perfect world in order to be successful?

I think you know the answer.

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