Amplifying the power in HER voice because today’s woman is #BeyondCapable

Amplifying the power in HER voice because today’s woman is #BeyondCapable

Who Is An Empowered Woman?

Often, we look to others for validation and empowerment. We find pleasure in hearing others tell us how good we are at what we do and how amazing we are to be able to achieve what we’ve achieved. We find strength in having others push us to do more because they know we can do it, and we find joy in having someone else give us a pat on the back. 

But, is that really all necessary? Do we really need other people to tell us we’re good enough before we think we are? 

If there’s one thing every girl and every woman needs to learn, it’s how to empower herself without seeking help from others. It’s not that asking for help is a bad thing. We all need help sometimes. However, with the dog-eat-dog kind of world we’re living in, it’s important to know how you can empower yourself on your own as a woman. 

Who is an empowered woman? 

An empowered woman is someone who lifts other women up 

An empowered woman finds no joy in bringing other women down, but rather in uplifting other women. She loves seeing other women thrive and succeed and appreciates anyone who does the same to her and to all the other women surrounding her. 

An empowered woman sets goals and achieves them

Setting realistic goals for yourself is always the first step to success but an empowered woman is not afraid to push herself to do a bit more and be a little more ambitious when setting goals for herself. She’s also not afraid to do everything she can in her power to reach those goals. 

An empowered woman is happy with herself 

Every woman is different. It’s important to recognize that there will always be someone who’s going to be better than you at some things and that you’ll always be better than some people in other things, too. An empowered woman wholeheartedly accepts this fact and is happy with who she is. 

An empowered woman is not afraid to dream 

Despite being happy with who she is and where she currently stands, an empowered woman is not afraid to dream for something bigger and better for herself. She acknowledges her weaknesses and does something to turn them to her strengths and then she uses those to better herself. Why be afraid when you know what you’re capable of doing and achieving? 

An empowered woman is a giver 

She’s generous. When her cup runneth over, she makes sure it doesn’t go to waste. Instead, she makes sure other women benefit from the abundance she’s experiencing. She’s never afraid that she won’t have enough left for herself and she is more than happy to give to others what they need that she knows she can provide. 

Empowered women don’t wait for others to give her the power to do amazing things. She knows it’s in her and she’s not afraid to put it to good use.



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