Amplifying the power in HER voice because today’s woman is #BeyondCapable

Amplifying the power in HER voice because today’s woman is #BeyondCapable
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Beauty On The Frontlines: Four Must-Have Grooming Products for Military Women


For more than 75 years, women have been officially allowed to serve as full, permanent, members of all the branches of Armed Forces in the United States. But it was only in 2021 when women were given more freedom when it comes to grooming and appearance modifications which were implemented to reflect the current demographics. 

Since being in the military requires these women to be in different situations with different climates, they have become experts in  choosing versatile grooming products that even civilians can count on. Here are some products that women in the military swear by to achieve that perfect look anytime, anywhere:

  1. Combat gel – Created by Sergeant Ashley Elliott who became famous for her hair-styling videos in 2019, this gel is top-notch for holding neat buns and other styles without a single hair strand falling on your face. Elliot, also known as the “Gel Army Lady” on TikTok, made sure that this gel will hold for hours on end while keeping your hair smelling fresh as it comes in different scents—mango, peach, strawberry, and watermelon. You can also purchase the scent-free variant if you’re not a fan of fruity scents.

What makes this gel special is that it could hold various hair types—straight, curly, or even kinky. It is also safe for children and those with sensitive scalp. Users also love how it doesn’t build up and reactivates easily with water. With combat gel, you can go about your day (and night!) with your hair looking intact.

  1. iS CLINICAL cream cleanser – We know that keeping your skin free from dirt, sweat, or bacteria is a must if you want to have clear, smooth skin, but how do you go about it without water? In 2009, Chief Warrant Officer Linda Lee who was deployed in Iraq, asked the same question. She then contacted iS CLINICAL’s CEO, and after two years of development,  this cream cleanser was born which can be used with or without water.

With its gentle formula, women with sensitive skin can use it to cleanse their face after a long day. It is also light-weight and moisturizing so while it strips off impurities, it keeps your skin’s moisture with the help of bio-nutrients, antioxidants, and restorative ingredients. If water is readily available, you can use it like any other cleansers; but if H2O isn’t easy to come by (or if you’re in the desert like Chief Warrant Officer Lee), you can still use it by simply wiping it off.

  1. BB cream or CC cream with SPF – While the Army allows the use of make-up  including foundation, opting for a BB cream or a CC cream might be a better idea if you want to enhance your features without looking overly done. Beauty vlogger Jackie Aina, former Army Reservist, suggests using a BB cream or CC cream with SPF (to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays of course!) so you can run around all day literally and/or figuratively without worrying about caking. 

As multi-tasking products, BB creams and CC creams can function as primer, concealer, foundation, highlighter, and moisturizer.  A BB cream (blemish balm), offers sheer coverage which can conceal minor blemishes. However, if you’re more concerned about color correction—hence its name, you can use a CC cream which can give you that extra color pay-off. And, as a general rule of thumb, choose products with at least 30 SPF so you can look your best without worrying about skin damage cause by sun exposure. 

  1. Moisturizer – Moisturizing is for everyone but when you’re in the Army, you need to dial it up a bit more because you may find yourself in situations wherein your skin’s hydration may be compromised. Hours or even days of travel and extreme weather conditions could make your skin lose its moisture which can cause cracking and peeling—which can be both unsightly and uncomfortable.

A good moisturizer is a life-saver regardless of your skin type since it can reduce the appearance of blemishes and other skin problems. It can also help your skin look young, as it fights the formation of wrinkles. Plus, the feeling of a hydrated skin can be an instant pick-me-up if you have long days in the field.

Self-care should be everybody’s mission, because looking good can make one feel good. And with the help of these products which specifically target their needs, women on the frontlines can feel good about themselves while serving the country. 

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