Amplifying the power in HER voice because today’s woman is #BeyondCapable

Amplifying the power in HER voice because today’s woman is #BeyondCapable

Note From The Editor

I was in third grade when I began to hit puberty. I was nine at the time, and I distinctly remember when my breasts started making their first appearance. My mother pretty much ran to the store to buy me baby bras. I have memories of the shame I felt the first time I wore them to school — I always crossed my arms in front my chest to hide my growing breasts.

The shame only escalated when I started experiencing sexual harassment from men old enough to be my father whenever I passed them in the streets. They would catcall me or try to brush their hands on my arm or legs. Again, I was nine. It triggered me to start reflecting on feminism and what it meant for me growing up in a largely patriarchal society like the Philippines.

I never really stopped questioning the status quo as I got older. And perhaps, this is partly why I pushed to break into journalism — so I can use my pen and paper to amplify the voices of women, who are usually marginalized in society. So, when I was offered the job to be Editor-in-Chief of this wonderful platform, I could not say no. Here is my chance to fulfill that pledge I made to myself years ago.


The breasts can be such a polarizing part of a woman’s body. On one hand, they can give women the power to sustain lives through something as potent as breastmilk. But on the other hand, breasts can also be a source of women’s hardships in terms of health, unwanted sexual advances, and just day to day anatomical discomfort.


Our aim is to help women from all walks of life feel seen by talking about issues and concerns that don’t always get the spotlight in mainstream media — and we believe this is the best starting point to accomplish that.

Our entire team, which is composed of amazing women and allies to the feminist movement, is so proud to present to you our first issue. We created this medium for you and we hope that you can also share your stories with us — after all, that is the whole point of this magazine. We want to hear your voice, and we want to share in this journey with you in reclaiming your body and individuality, especially now that women’s rights are being trampled on once again.

No more shame and no more diminishing our power. We look forward to pushing the envelope further with you.

Michelle Lavergne

Editor-in-Chief | HerPWR Magazine

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